Financial information

About Veeking Telekom

The Veeking Telekom (publ.) Group develops and markets products and systems for access to existing and future communication networks. Their business areas are Telecom and Microwave.

Veeking Telekom is quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (O-list VIKT). The company’s largest owners are the three founders, Kinnevik and Svensk-Norsk Industrifond. There are also around 6,000 large and small investors.

For 2001 and 2002 Veeking Telekom has been amongst the top 10 of Swedens fastest growing companies. They believe that growth and expansion will continue during coming years. Future requirements for new access products will increase as technology improves, deregulation continues and the telecom market changes. They will continue to invest significant resources for the development of new products in their business areas.

The company was quoted on the OM Stockholm Exchange’s O-list on May 30 2000, under the VIKT ticker.