News 2002

13/11/02    Veeking Telekom receives order for 19 MSEK from Tele2
12/11/02    Veeking Telekom receives new orders in business area Microwave
24/10/02    Q3 Report, 1 January 2002 – 30 September 2002, summary
16/10/02    Tele2 and Veeking Telekom strengthen cooperation
22/08/02    Q2 Report, 1 January 2002 – 30 June 2002, summary
03/07/02    Veeking Telekom receives additional order for SMS terminals for the                          fixed telecom network
03/06/02    Veeking Telekom reorganizes
24/05/02   Veeking Telekom starts SMS operators business
16/05/02   Changes in Veeking Telekom’s Board of Directors
19/04/02   Annual General Meeting 2002
18/04/02   Q1 report 1 January 2002 – 31 March 2002, summary.
03/04/02   Veeking Telekom receives order for microwave links from a new                                 customer in Germany
11/03/02   Veeking Telekom receives order on a new market within the business area Microwave
11/02/02   Veeking Telekom signs an agreement with a new distributor outside Europe for SMS in the fixed telecom network
07/02/02   Veeking Telekom Financial Statement 2001, summary.
30/01/02   Veeking Telekom receives orders for 50 MSEK

News 2001

13/12/01   Veeking Telekom receives brakethrough order within the business area                     Microwave
03/12/01   Veeking Telekom sharpens focus on core activities
21/11/01   Board member of Veeking Telekom reduces his shareholding
29/10/01   Veeking Telekom receives an order on router telephones from a telecom                   operator in USA
25/10/01   Veeking Telekom receives an order from Tele2 for 28 MSEK
24/10/01   Q3 1 January – 30 september 2001. Summary.
11/10/01   Veeking Telekom wins dispute
22/08/01   Interim Report 1 January – 30 June 2001. Summary.
20/08/01   Veeking Telekom receives an additional order for approximately
55 MSEK  Veeking Telekom receives order for SMS terminals, SMSit, for the fixed                       telecom network
13/06/01   The founders of Veeking Telekom AB reduce their shareholdings

New deputy CEO at Veeking Telekom
24/04/01   Veeking Telekom receives new order for 100 MSEK
23/04/01   Veeking Telekom signs their first distribution agreement for the SMS                            terminal, SMSit
30/03/01   Board of directors elected at Annual General Meeting
13/03/01   Proposed changes for Veeking Telekom’s Board of directors
07/02/01   Veeking Telekom launches SMS terminal for fixed tele network

News 2000

29/12/00   Veeking Telekom receives order from Estonia
29/12/00   Veeking Telekom establishes branch office in Hong Kong
06/12/00   Veeking Telekom has acquired Cidco Europe
05/12/00   Veeking Telekom signs distribution agreement with AseTec                                             Comunicaciones in Spain
18/10/00   Veeking Telekom and AXXESSIT introduces a mutual radio link for wireless broadband communication
10/07/00   Viking Microwave receives orders for microwave links for broadband                     access in cable TV networks
28/06/00   Veeking Telekom receives orders for over 400 MSEK
08/06/00   Veeking Telekom has completed Belgian acquisition
25/05/00   Offering to acquire shares in Veeking Telekom has been seven times                           oversubscribed
09/05/00   Veeking Telekom acquires Belgian company
04/05/00   Veeking Telekom to the stock market
27/04/00   Veeking Telekom receives new customers in Portugal
18/04/00   Veeking Telekom in Portuguese acquisition
10/04/00   Veeking Telekom to the OM Stockholm Stock Exchange
06/04/00   Veeking Telekom forms Joint Venture with AxxessIT
31/01/00   Veeking Telekom at CeBIT 2000; Presents new subsidiary, new Least Cost                   Router and a new overall company profile.
06/12/99   Veeking Telekom has acquired InfoTech Systems.
02/12/99   Veeking Telekom has completed a limited new share issue – prepares for                   quotation on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.
17/08/99   Veeking Telekom exhibits at Telecom99 in Geneva
21/07/99   Veeking Telekom AB amongst the 500 largest in Sweden
02/07/99   PFI Communications acquires Veeking Telekom Svenska AB, subsidiary                     to Veeking Telekom AB
01/03/99   Veeking Telekom exhibits at CeBIT99
01/01/99   Veeking Telekom launches co-operation with Digital Engineering
02/10/98   Kinnevik, new part owner of Veeking Telekom