Veeking products

The Veeking Telekom Group develops and markets products for access to existing and future communication networks. Their business areas are Telecom and Microwave.

In order to stay ahead of competition the Veeking Telekom product portfolio is continually improved and extended.

jes_190Business Area Telecom
In their business area Telecom, they develop and market products and systems that enable streamlined delivery of existing and new services in fixed telecom networks.SMS Server Platform (SMSS)
A flexible hub that ties SMS together in the fixed and mobile networks. The combination of standards offered by Veeking Telekom means that different suppliers’ products work with their server platform, while their terminal works with competing server platforms. The server platform also works as an application server for various platforms.

Router products for voice telephony (diallers)

Developed to satisfy their costumers needs of functionality, cost efficiency and the possibility to implement value added services as well as pre-paid concepts. The router technology is built-in to telecom products such as wireless telephones.

Here you find more detailed information on their routers / diallers:

CallCorrect Wireless Dect Phone
CallCorrect Wireless Router Phone CT1
CallCorrect Remote Management System+

Business Area Microwave

In their business area Microwave, they develop and market access solutions for the next generation of access networks by supplying microwave links and other access products for high-speed communication

picProducts and systems for mobile services in the fixed telecom network Veeking Telekom is a complete supplier of SMS terminals and platforms.

The SMSit product range
Veeking Telekom’s SMSit product range, makes it easy to create, send and access SMS messages also over the fixed telecom networks. Everybody with a telephone line is a potential user.Due to different market needs Veeking Telekom has developed a wide range of terminals, ranging from basic SMS/CLI functionality to more advanced and extended functionality.

pictureThe Link155 range

The Link155 concept consists of a product range of high capacity, intelligent and cost effektive access products. The products allow the customer to reduce tha roll out cost of fixed an wireless networks. They pursue customers like e.g. UMTS/GSM operators, fixed SDH and IP operators as well as radio access operators

The advantage with the Link155 range modular construction is that it is possible to change between different transmission media such as radio, fiber or coaxial cable when required without changing equipment. This gives their customers the lowest possible running costs plus high future security